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Rose | Sugar Cubes

Rose | Sugar Cubes

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 Just when you thought your tea couldn't get any better BAM- ROSE sugar cubes enter the chat! These Sugar cubes are all-natural, vegan, and handmade right here in the US. The ROSE sugar cubes are a blend of fresh Rose extract and sugar cane. The red highlights are natural too: al-la beets. 

Enjoy these ROSE sugar cubes in a variety of drinks: coffee, teas, or bubbly!


Sugar Cube Jar - Rose (QTY 27 cubes)


ABOUT THE BRAND: You may know the name from season 7 of Shark Tank. This is a female-owned tea brand that specializes in making barista-style teas (teas that brew like coffee). Their teas a certified organic, made with ingredients that are sourced from fair trade farms, featuring all-natural and eco-friendly packaging.  

*Fine Print

Sugar cubes are handmade with all-natural flavors, for this reason, no two cubes will be the same. Before using any products, please the product ingredients to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for personal use and/or consumption.


PERFECT for you, your home, and gifting!

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