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Authenticality Co.

Wooden Wick Wordsmith | Candle Collection-

Wooden Wick Wordsmith | Candle Collection-

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Wordsmith: Bergamot, Jasmine, and Leather

Muse: Mimosa, Rose, and Suede 

Poetry: Ylang-Ylang, Peppercorn, and Sandalwood


Sit back and relax with the Wooden Wick Wordsmith Candle Collection. The black-on-black styling creates an inviting atmosphere while allowing you to unleash your creativity while enjoying the crackling sounds as the captivating aromas are released from the black vessel.

Poetry was created for moments of lyrical genius set and lounge vibes, this is the candle you light in your studio as you write your next song or poem. Muse was created to invoke moments of passion, inspiration + creativity, this is the candle you light as you sit in your studio and write your next book, copy, article, or script. Wordsmith was created for moments of genius, intelligence + creativity. Take out your pen and paper and journey off with these alluring fragrance notes.


Wordsmith 12 oz Candle

Wax: Pure Black Soy

Wick: Single Wooden Wick

Burn Time: 60+ hours

Weight: 12oz - 1.75 lb 

Dimensions: 3" l x 3" w x 4" h 




About the Brand: ACO was created as a reminder to take delight in the slow moments in life. ACO is a black owned candle brand devoted to eco friendly + clean luxury candles. Find the most authentic version of yourself in this new Wordsmith Collection.

PERFECT for you, your home, and gifting!

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